Chapter Mission Statement

  • To unite individuals having financial responsibility in the construction industry.

  • To provide a forum through which the Association's members can meet to exchange ideas.

  • To develop and coordinate education programs dedicated to the purpose of improving the professional standards of construction financial managers.

  • To enhance the role and promote the image of the construction financial manager.

  • To make a positive contribution to the community in which we live and work.

Vision Statement

  • Chapter is a professional and organized group (viable and growing).

  • Members participate broadly in many facets of the organization.

  • CFMA is considered the premier source of information, training, and education relating to construction financial management.

  • CFMA is a fun place.

  • CFMA members view the organization as valuable.

  • Participation is considered essential to members and their corporate sponsors.


Core Purpose

To provide resources to meet challenges of construction financial professionals.


Core Values

Integrity, Professionalism, Competency, Community & Professional Service, Innovation, and Leadership.


"Big Audacious Goal" (BAG)

To be essential to success and professional growth in construction financial management


CFMA's Vivid Description of our BAG

  • CFMA membership is viewed as essential to success and professional growth in construction financial management (CFM) … an individual viewing CFM as a career wouldn't think of not belonging to CFMA and employers wouldn't think of hiring someone who is not engaged as a member of CFMA.

  • CFMA is respected as the premier source and resource of information and insight into the unique discipline of construction financial management.

  • Construction financial professionals recognize the competitive advantage of active involvement in CFMA.

  • Membership and active participation in CFMA increasingly correlates with competence, respect, insight, strategic vision and leadership.

  • CFMA provides a variety of ways to develop and enhance valued business and personal relationships that are beneficial to a member's company and makes their job easier.

  • Owners recognize the importance and value of CFMA membership.

  • Educational institutions come to CFMA to design courses or to critique their existing